BORN: September 29 1969 Glendale Hospital CAL.
HEIGHT: 5 foot 6 inches
WEIGHT: 115 lb.
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: green


FAVORITE COLORS: teal blue, jade green.
FAVORITE CLOTHES: blue jeans and a t-shirt.
PETS: 2, Asta [shinky] and Chopper ,aka.."little man".
HOBBIES: Weight training {the old school}, arts and crafts, traveling, out door life... Anything in the mountains, riding the Harley.
SPORTS: Motorcycling, learning to mountain climb, learning to horse ride western style, boxing, learning to sword fight, guns [indoor target shooting].


ERIKA'S START IN MODELING: Leg warmers ad. Nexus hair ad. Harley calendar Flasher barricade poster.
ERIKA'S START IN FILMING: Star Wars "underoos" commercial [10 years old], E.T. feature film [Steven Spielberg].
MOST RECENT FILM COMPLETED: "The Opponent" [boxing film] summer 2001 -" White Lies"[murder thriller] - "Shakedown" [action] - "Betrayal" [action].


Erika is the oldest girl of a family of 4 girls and one brother. She graduated from high school and Started acting at age 10. Her younger sister went on to college... and this spring her baby sister will go to art college. Erika as been in the movie industry for 22 years, with a total of [ ? ] movies and numerous T.V. series and guest star appearances filling out her body of work...
in the spring of 2001 Erika moved to Canada after filming a show in the province of"Alberta" after falling in love with the mountains.
Prior to that she had spent time acquiring a certificate as a personal trainer and work in child care where her secret passions lye as well in her spare time she has written a children's book which she some day hopes to have published.


What I am very focused on right now is choosing diverse roles that will challenge me. I look at my career much more carefully and lovingly now.
I love being physically challenged in a role, doing my own stunts as much as possible.
I have a different kind of drive now, than I've ever had which allows me to stretch myself in new and different ways.


I have an appreciation for the life that GOD has given me today..that I've never had before.
I am grateful for everything.
For the people in my life and all the little things.
I want to be present for every moment in my life.
I want to love my man, be good to my family, cherish my friends,and play with my dogs.
oh yeah, and I want to laugh alot....